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Listed below are available satellite training classes.  Classes are listed in alphabetical order. Students may be registered by contacting the appropriate responsible person at the specific satellite agency. The contact information is provided with each training class in the course descriptions below.

Course Details

Train The Trainer (De-Escalation Training for Law Enforcement

Category : Specialized Training
Where : Hampton Roads Criminal Justice Training Academy
When : October 29-30, 2019
Description :


Please check the 2020 Academy Class Schedule on the website in December of 2019.

Time: 0800-1700

Course Description:
Law enforcement officers in society today are faced with a multitude of growing challenges.  One major challenge is the trend towards an increase of acting out behavior by the individuals they come in contact with.  The current attitude of challenging authority and police legitimacy has contributed to an increase in the escalation of behavior and an overall conflict with a segment of citizens we serve.

Behavioral research would indicate that “violence is a process and not an event.”  It would also lead us to examine the process which starts with escalation of individual behavior and leads to an overall acting out phase which in many cases ends in conflict between police and citizens.

The P.I.E.R. De-Escalation Model is a behavior prevention and intervention process which provides a pathway for officers to engage and de-escalate acting out behavior with citizens they are called to engage with.  This model of:  Prevention – Intervention – Enforcement – Recovery will allow officers to identify and provide them with the necessary skills to successfully de-escalate the citizens acting out behavior that they will come into contact with.      

In-Service: Law Enforcement, Jailor/Custodial, Court Security, and Civil Process

Credit Hours: 16 Career Development

Cost: $237.50 per officer (Fee for Non-Members Only)

Max: 20